Fashion Accessories 101

Do you ever wonder why some girls in really stylish outfits do not look as great as other girls who are just wearing tee shirts and jeans? Something seems to be missing. While some might blame it on a bad hair day or a poor combination of outfit, the most usual missing piece of the puzzle most often overlooked is the accessories, which do not just include shoes and bags, but most importantly, jewelries.

Accessories can be worn for different purposes:

  • To draw attention to your best points.
  • To make your older outfit look trendy.
  • To make you feel and look young.
  • To achieve the look that you want such as casual, elegant, chic, artistic, sophisticated and others.
  • Change the look of a particular outfit if you are attending one event after another. For instance, you can change the look of a casual dress to formal by putting on or changing your accessories.

Being able to put and combine the right accessories is one of the most basic skills that can separate you from ordinary-looking fellows. Once you have mastered this skill, you will be able to look good no matter what you wear. The best thing about accessories is that you can find a wide range of choices at any budget.

Top Jewelry Fashion Trends

Unlike clothing fashion, jewelry fashion trends come and go at a slower pace. There are designs that are considered all-time favorites, while newer designs always emerge. Some designers are able to come up with bolder designs than what people have been used to. As a result, the market for jewelries become overwhelming and sometimes, with ridiculous designs. But generally, users prefer to have versatile and wearable jewelries.


Long necklaces are now the top trend. It is also common to see necklaces that either have no pendant or are complete with a cameo or pendant. Geometric shapes are still the in-thing, but with a twist of exotic additions. Silver and gold though are still the most popular choice. One good example of this is Chanel’s Trompe-l’oeil pearls. Chanel recreated their popular pearl motif by creating a casual giant pearl necklace that looks like some sort of headphones albeit in an elegant way.

Easy Bruising

Contusion is the medical term used for bruising which is also a type of hematoma. The capillaries are damaged by trauma or brute force, allowing blood to permeate or discharge into the surrounding tissues. Bruises may involve capillaries at the levels of skin, fats or even bones which cause different levels of pain depending on the gravity of the condition.   It can be black, blue or purple in appearance. It is common for people playing physical sports like basketball, soccer, football, wrestling and boxing.

I’ve had bruises before on my legs when I tried running for 5 consecutive months. It was a sign that I needed to make time to rest my muscles and let them recover from the fatigue. I consulted a friend of mine who is a doctor and he told me that the most important thing is to rest it. Rest the affected the area by elevating it to have a better blood circulation. I have to ice the area on and off for the first 24-48 hours. I have to be careful though not to burn my skin so I used a thick towel between the ice and my legs.   After the first 48hours, I was instructed to use hot compresses instead. Heat can only be applied 48 hours after an injury has occurred as any injury that induces bleeding would need ice treatments instantly. Heat treatments have a direct soothing effect on the affected area which can relieve the pain. Precautions are needed to be taken into consideration when performing any treatment with heat. If it is done improperly, it can cause burns hence the skin must be regularly checked. If the pain is too severe, I was advised to take non steroidal inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen or Naproxen as needed.

I’ve read articles talking about unexplained bruises which is a little bit alarming if you haven’t done any physical activities. You must have that checked up immediately to prevent further complications. The more common causes are aging, vitamin deficiency and excessive medicine use. As we get older, the skin and tissue in the limbs become thinner and less springy. It is likely to cause a tear without us realizing thus, leading to extreme bruising on the arms or legs. Deficiencies in vitamin B12, C or K can lead to poorly formed tissue as it bruises easily. Excessive medicine use meanwhile disrupts proper blood circulation, thus increasing the chance of bruising. You should always consult your doctor when dealing with medicines even with over-the-counter medicines as we sometimes tend to use it even when it’s not necessary.

However, there are also lots of fatal cases that need immediate attention such as Diabetes, Grave’s disease and Leukemia. Diabetes disturbs the normal blood circulation by thickening the blood, making it easy to bruise. Grave’s disease in a type of auto-immune disease which enables an overactive metabolism, which causes the capillaries under the skin to become damaged, leading to a bruised skin. Leukemia meanwhile, is a type of cancer which attacks the bone marrow, disrupting the proper production of our body of white and red blood cells which also leads to bruising.

Nobody should ignore unknown bruising. Whether it maybe idiopathic or not, it still has something to do with our health. In retrospect, I’ve learned that no money is comparable to great health.

Change Is Good

I have this regular hangout coffee shop that Cara and I always go to. It’s just 2 blocks away from my place and 5 blocks away from hers. It’s really convenient because not only that they serve good and amazing coffee but they also serve snacks like gourmet sandwiches and ham and cheese croissants which Cara and I love. I bought myself a hot cup of Caramel Machiatto while I’m waiting for Cara. It’s surreal now that we’re hanging out here and she’s pregnant. I’m sure going to miss hanging here with her since she’s going to spend more time in her home.   Maybe it’s about time I hang in her place instead. While I was waiting for her, I saw a good looking couple with their baby on a stroller. It made me smile and tear up. I said to myself that my Cara is going to like that soon.

After 10 minutes, someone covered my eyes from behind. I know it’s Cara since I know her hand lotion so well. She quickly sat beside me and held my arm. She said she’s got lots of things to tell me about her pregnancy. She told me it was hard but manageable. She keeps on ranting about her stupid food cravings, nausea and vomiting but whenever she thinks of the baby inside her womb, she just tells herself she can do this

Cara also taught me how to use an implantation calculator to know her expected day of delivery or due date. The most important thing is you have to remember the last day of your regular period, add 7 days and then add more 9 months and you get the expected date. She giggled as she was so excited about her expected date of delivery that she already packed bag for her delivery. She also shared about her signs of implantation which includes light spotting that happens for just a brief period of time from 7 to 10 days past ovulation period, a spike in her basal body temperature and a dip in her body thermal temperature.   The signs of implantation can often be confusing, and the best and only sign that it was the first sign of pregnancy is a positive pregnancy test about 7-10 days after implantation.

I’m just happy that she’s pregnant.  It’s also nice that her husband is doing his part by always taking good care of her. Too bad he isn’t available now to hang with us because I miss hanging with him too. I’ve known Cara almost all her life and the past Cara wouldn’t want a baby because she was afraid of responsibility. I’m glad that she matured over time. Looking back, we used to party every night back then. We were really not planning our future. We just took it a day, after day, after day and wasn’t thinking of the consequences of what we were doing. I’m just glad that we turned out okay living our lives, keeping our friendship alive and still looking out for our dreams.

Got Ink?

Tattoos are so popular these days especially with young people in California, Oregon, Florida and New York. I remember when I was in Miami a few weeks ago, wherever I laid my eyes on, there are so many people with not just one but 3 or more tattoos on their bodies. People get tattoos to express themselves as individuals. To some it is art, a state of mind, about their supported causes, their dreams and their spirituality.

My best friend, Teri wants to get one and she wants me to come along with her. She’s planning to get a side tattoo. I asked her if she has already figured what’s going to be the design. She made a gag that the reason she made me come was that she wants my face to be tattooed on her. I found that really amusing as I tried thinking of a good design for her. I suggested her mom’s picture instead. She was holding her tears because her mom died 3 months ago. She told me that was the real reason why she made me come, to think of a good design that she’ll never regret. I asked her where is she going to get ink but she had no idea where. Fortunately, I have lots of friends who make me come along when they get inked. I also suggested we go to a decent tattoo parlor with a good tattoo artist to prevent complications like skin tear, you can read more about this issue at


To get Teri a tattoo, we went to a tattoo parlor at Northwest Street here in Washington D.C. She brought a picture of her mom holding her when she was still a baby. She was so nervous as it is her first time to get one. Her tattoo artist’s name is Brad. Brad knew it was her first time because she’s trembling. He said it’s going to be okay and he’s going to take care of her. I held Teri’s hand as it was so cold like ice. Brad saw the design she wanted and started to figure how he will lay it out on Teri’s side and then after a few minutes, he began sterilizing her skin. He then gets a pen to draw some guidelines. Teri’s still nervous as I was watching Brad’s drawing on her. He’s fast and really good. He said it will sting a bit so just keep deep breathes until she gets the hang of it.


Brad finished it after a few hours. The design he made looked nice and alive. Teri was so happy with the finished product as he thanked Brad for making her mom as an art over her body. Brad told her that it was his pleasure and that she needs to be careful as newly tattooed skin needs proper care to prevent scabbing of the tattoo. He instructed her to remove her bandage after 24 hours and then apply a topical antibiotic two to three times a day. Her wounds would heal on a span of two to three weeks. He added that if it hurts and can’t tolerate it anymore, she can take over-the-counter pain medications.

Poor John

I just got home from a travel from Switzerland, Geneva to be exact and had a really beautiful time in there.  I shopped and visited popular places like Saint Peter’s Cathedral, countless museums, Plainpalais Flea Market and Carouge.  I stayed there for a week, four days for meeting business partners and potential new clients and three days to stroll around.  I was so amazed seeing numerous sports cars parked everywhere I looked. I really enjoyed my stay opposed with my business partner’s experience.  His name is John and he had an accident when we were playing gold with business associates, talking about mixing business with pleasure.  Anyway, he is a really good golf player and he has an excellent swing, but this time, he swung without a good follow through and he told me that he heard something crack in his hip.  He was out of balance as we tried to catch his fall.  I bade goodbye with the clients and told them that I’ll contact them later as soon as we get out of the hospital.
I brought John to the nearest hospital and had him checked. The doctor asked him what happened and was ordered to get an x-ray to see if there are any changes about the structure and the location of the hip position and a magnetic resonance imaging to get a clearer view of his tendons and muscles to properly know that John’s condition is.  He was also asked to turn his hip 90 degrees to the left and the right to see where it hurts.  The doctor told us that it would take a few hours to get his test results and prescribed him for the meantime, some pain relievers to be taken with food so I asked John to eat with me at the hospital cafeteria.
After a few hours, we finally got the results and the doctor told us that he has a torn labrum hip aka tear in the hip joint and it is common with sports with repetitive motions like golf, baseball, softball and soccer.  He felt sorry for John as we told the doctor that we were on vacation with little business to deal with.  He added that he will prescribe him more potent and stronger pills to counter the hip flexor pain as he knows that this type of pain is hard to tolerate.  He also gave him two choices of treatment which is surgical and non surgical.  He shared that they have a really very good surgeon to perform an arthroscopic surgery to repair his injury.  They also offer an alternative treatment which is non invasive through rehabilitation but it’s going to need time, patience and endurance.  John couldn’t decide yet since he still hasn’t contacted her wife who she left in United States.  He asked me to help on his dilemma whether he get the treatment here in Geneva or back in the states. I advised him to contact his wife first so they can both decide on what’s going to happen.  I know she’s not going to be mad at him because no one wanted the accident to happen in the first place.

So Very Close

It is always a busy day for me doing this and that thing, following up on every trend I can manage to latch myself unto, and believe me there are lots and lots of them that is worth following. I really cannot let up with this routine, as this is my work. If I really wanted to have my own line of products one day, then this apparently is the way to go to achieve that.

I am not the least bit complaining about it as I am enjoying myself with all the work. I am born a busy bee and I will die a busy bee, at least for all intents and purposes. Everyone has their own way of going through life and not one thing is more special than the other. Me? I always make it a point to paint the town red, that’s me.

I got plans sure enough, both short term and long term ones. For now, I am just consolidating my contacts and my ideas together, so that when the right timing comes, I can easily bring my dreams into fruition. I am not kidding with what I placed in my profile, as I do intend to be a household brand in the not so distant future.

Building a family is not yet on my radar as I first want for me to be successful in my chosen field. I also thought it would be much better if raised a family when I’m already well off, as I would then afford to give them all the best things in life. I guess I’ll never have the problem of choosing the best pack n play ensemble for my kids yet, or at least not in the near future that is.

I am never lonely even if I am really alone in my life. I have got my work to keep me running around all day and there are also my armies of friends that are readily available with a single beck and call. But I really do wish to have a family I can call my own someday, someday.

In the mean time I have my trusty old best yoga DVD to keep me relaxed, which also has been with me for two years already, coming with me everywhere I go. I’m almost beginning to think of it as a close friend, what with all the calmness it has been giving me for this long a time. Hope it doesn’t break or get lost as it has been really special for me.

So that seems to be it, my whole life of today summarized into a couple of paragraphs. No fireworks to speak of and nothing much to ponder on just yet. But just wait a little bit more and believe me I will soar if I get all my plans into reality. I am history in the making and I got all the things required to be one. Mark my words. I will be your next superstar.

Brave, Young, Little Dana

Dana, a very happy go lucky girl, is my most favorite niece as she always spends her summer here with me in Washington whenever I don’t have business trips abroad. The last time I’ve seen her was last year. I really miss her. I know that she’s going to visit me this year so I called her mom if I can sponsor her overbite problem. She’s so happy and thankful that I offered but she said it’s still up to Dana if she wants to because she’s afraid of dentists. When they we’re kids, Dana’s brother Matt, used dentists to scare her at home whenever she didn’t want to sleep early.

I fetched Dana in their home. I told her that I already asked her mom if I can bring her to my friend dentist for a consultation. I assured her that the dentist is a good friend of mine and my friends won’t do anything bad to my most favorite niece. Luckily, she agreed. I made an appointment with Cindy, an orthodontist and told her about the situation. A little bit reluctant, Dana still came with me for the checkup.

Cindy made her sit and checked her teeth. She told us that she indeed has an overbite and can be treated immediately if Dana chooses to do so. It would take her a year or more with braces depending on her case. Dana needed to be given a little more bit convincing before she fully agreed to be treated.

I asked Cindy to tell her all the steps needed to be done to get her treated to remove her qualms about it. She said that before anything else, she needs an x-ray of a panoramic and cephalometric view of her teeth. She’s also going to get a mold of her teeth as the doctor needs teeth impressions and a wax bite registration so that upper and lower plaster study models can be made.  These models display the patient’s initial bite and the inclination of all the teeth of Dana’s teeth. Photos of her are also taken that shows the smile and bite of her so she’ll have a point of comparison if the treatment is going well or not.

Cindy also stressed that she needs to pull out some teeth to have spaces for the braces to work. Dana asked if it will hurt her. Cindy told her no because she’ll have a topical anesthetic before getting an injection of another anesthestic. Dana smiled that she’s going to get 2 anesthetics and not one as Cindy and I chuckled. Cindy added that she’s going to put spacers for braces if really up for it. She was also told that she’ll undergo teeth extraction next week.

I’m glad that Dana is still willing to get braces after she learned all the processes to be done. She is a really brave young girl and I’m so proud of her. Her treatment will start next week. I hope everything will go according to plan. I’ll just give her ice cream as a tooth pain relief and pain relievers after her teeth extraction.

Soon to be King

I live in a modestly spacious loft in downtown Washington D.C. not by necessity but by choice. I could have chosen a much more elegant abode but it does not sound practical as I am never at home for the majority of the year. I am only there to sleep and probably use it to have a safe place to keep my Spartan belongings in.

I am also of the belief that someday in the near future, I will not be here any longer and instead be on a more metropolitan place, probably in New York or Paris if given the choice. But this place is really no pushover and it really does serve its purpose well.

I have had several big parties here already and this is the de facto hideout and meeting place for all my pal gals. It is located near the center of the state, which means I can go wherever I want in only a short time and it is located in a sort of artist’s haven, so I’m really at the right place for the time being.

I have a humongous bed and a matching sofa that can hold upwards of ten people, so you can imagine how big it really is. I have a big plasma TV, a ref, a side table that contains a very intricately designed vase to put my favorite flowers on, a dining set, a bar, a multifunctional stove, and the most common dining utensils that you can find in any household.

I have the best lightweight luggage that you can find only in the most upscale of shops, I have two closetful of clothes, about two dozen pairs of shoes, an entertainment system, a not so very social Siamese cat, a very nice DSLR camera, and the best travel tripod to go along with it.

I cannot imagine I was able to enumerate every piece of item I have inside my house, it makes me feel a little bit deprived just by thinking about it. Well those are the only things I need anyway and having more stuff would eventually mean a harder time moving out, and I really don’t want that happening.

I almost forgot to mention that I have also a very hardworking laptop, which never leaves my side, and is the keeper of all my musings and designs that will eventually catapult me to new heights. I keep all my plans in it and if it were to be lost, then I don’t know what I would do, which also makes me remember that I have to buy an external hard disk enclosure to have a place to put my backup data on. You never are too sure these days.

Well that’s it. That is the “me” of today, simple, practical, and wise. I don’t know about you, but those traits have been with me for a long time and have already served me well on many occasions. Soon enough I will be adding two more to them, want to know what? Of course, Rich and Famous!

Time to think about the Real Priorities

It’s just months now before Cara’s due date and we were both freaked out. We both decided to ask around and read articles about it so we wouldn’t be as much surprised with the things that will happen to her. Cara was so frustrated that she was currently having diarrhea during pregnancy because it was really being a hassle for her to always in the comfort room every time she has the urge to defecate. Another factor is that she wasn’t as mobile as before because of her weight gain coupled with her occasional nausea and vomiting so I understand that she’s often moody. Her husband Derek also told me about her mood swings and he’s glad that I always make time for my best friend to accompany her in their home. She was really having a hard time moving around the house so whenever I have day offs, I always go to her home to help out. Her mom should have been here last month, but I don’t know what happened. I didn’t want to ask Cara about it because I sensed that they had arguments.

Anyway, Cara is alarmed with the frequency of her diarrhea that she might get dehydrated if it continues. I suggested trying to call her doctor to address the problem because it may also affect the baby’s well being. I also reminded her to just ask for the prescriptions since she can’t handle to go to the hospital now. Fortunately, her doctor was available to accept her call and agreed to just call a nearby pharmacy to forward her prescription for her illness. I offered her to get her medicines and she agreed because of her condition. I rushed to the elevator and it took way too long to get on our floor so I just decided to use the stairs. It’s a good thing that we were just on the 7th floor as I can handle that kind of walk.

I reached the ground floor in a minute or two and I found myself tired a bit. The pharmacy is a good two blocks away from her place so I waited for a cab. I got a cab in less than a minute and I asked him to wait for me because I won’t take long and my friend needs her medicines quick. I was lucky that he was a good guy. All in all, it took me less than 20 minutes to and fro her place. I was so thankful for the cab driver that I gave him a good tip. When I came back, I already used the elevator to go up as my legs and things were tired of my walking.

Cara was so surprised that I got back quickly. I told her that I needed to be quick because I don’t want something to happen to her and the baby. She was so touched with what I did and she joked about if I’m going to do that in diarrhea in toddlers. I smiled and told her that I might do that if it was her child. Cara is so glad that I have time to take care of her. She finally told me that her mom still had issues with Derek and she just doesn’t want it to escalate with her staying here on their place. I hope they can immediately fix their issues since it’s neither the time nor the place to argue because the baby should be their priority.

Two weeks away

Time really flies so fast. I still can remember the time when Cara and Derek just announced her pregnancy to her close family and friends eight months ago at an intimate party at a fancy restaurant a few blocks away from here. Now that she’s in her third trimester of pregnancy, we can’t do the usual things that we used to do anymore and I really miss that. Now, I’m just often alone hanging out in the café that we used to frequent. I thought of calling her and maybe she wasn’t busy. I tried calling her for two times, but she wasn’t answering. I said to myself, one last call and then I’ll just go home and sleep. I dialed her number and she answered. I told her that third time’s the charm as we both giggled. She apologized for not answering my prior calls as she was having a hard time with her pregnancy. She shared that it’s very hard to move because of her weight gain, nausea, restlessness and fatigue. I told her that other moms did it and why she couldn’t and I know that she would. She told me that she really needed to hear that because she is really freaked out because it’s her first time. I asked about when is the expected day of delivery and told me that it’s just going to be in a week or two. I told her that I miss the times that we hang out and just gossip. She replied that she misses it too, and invited me to come along with her for a check up with the doctor because she has concerns about the baby.

I gladly came with her as I picked her up in front of her building. The hospital is an hour away so we had a great deal of time to talk in the car. She told me that she wants to ask the doctor if it is still wise to do breastfeeding because people that she knows don’t practice that anymore because some said that it is bad to have a period while breastfeeding. I asked her who told her that because it seemed wrong. I suggested asking it later to his doctor, so be sure. I also told her that I think that it still is imperative to breastfeed since I read an article about it last week as the mom’s milk has colostrum, which contains antibodies and immunoglobulins, which helps babies to be healthy and has a laxative effect to dispose of the first tarry stools of the baby.   I added that there are a number of foods to avoid while breastfeeding such as alcohol and caffeine which disrupts the baby’s regular sleep pattern. Disrupting their sleep patterns will hinder their growth and fast development. I find it funny that while we were talking, she was jotting down all the things that I was saying. She told me that she’s been so stressed with pregnancy that it makes her forget about things.

My Cookie

Cara and I just took two hours to get ready and hang out in her home until we decided to come back to the pet shop nearby his unit and I just found out that the cute Pomeranian got sold just a few minutes ago. . I was really broken hearted when I didn’t see her on the glass window when we entered the shop. Mr. Lee was nice enough to issue an apology to me, but I told him that it wasn’t his fault since I didn’t really give him a concrete word that I’ll buy it the same day and I understand that business is business.

Instead, Mr. Lee wanted to give me an alternative by choosing other cute toy dogs like Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Poodle mixes( or Maltese which is a little bit cheaper. He showed me a lot of pictures of various breeds and I saw this very cute black and tan, Yorkie Poodle and they looked very cuddly too, but the problem is that he doesn’t have it in stock. He told us that the delivery of the Yorkiepoo will be due until next week. He told me that he can try calling them now and ask them if it was possible for an earlier delivery. He added that we can have a seat first while we wait until he can contact his supplier. Cara took a seat while I browsed upon all the pets for sale. It ranged from fishes to hamsters and hedgehogs to cats and dogs.

After a few minutes, Mr. Lee approached Cara and asked where I am because he has good news. I ran towards them and he told me that they currently have a delivery on a nearby town and they have a spare female Yorkiepoo that they can deliver here in two hours. I was so glad and stoked with his wonderful news. I told him that Cara just lives nearby and I’ll wait with her on her home. I gave him my contact details and told him to contact me as soon as the pet arrives because I’m so excited to meet him.

Cara and I went back to her place to hang and we talked about the pet that I’m going to buy. She asked about what am I going to name her. I still didn’t have any idea as I still want to see him before I name him. I’m still as excited as ever as I didn’t wait for Mr. Lee’s call. We left her place early because I want to see her first hand. Our timing was impeccable as we arrived at the shop as a big, blue, van pulled over. Mr. Lee saw me and his smile indicated that it was the delivery. Cara tried to pacify me because I was so excited. A tall, white man came down the van and brought out a cage of a dog with a cloth cover. I heard barking and Mr. Lee took the cover off and I saw a black and white, Yorkiepoo. I immediately bought it and Mr. Lee even gave me a good discount. I named him Cookie since she’s black and white like a cookies in cream.

Dinner Frenzy

Whenever I hear pregnancy announcement ideas, it makes my body glow with excitement. It’s always fun to see their reactions whenever they hear a loved one is pregnant. My best friend, Cara is happily married with Derek, her childhood sweetheart for over a year now. Since Derek is always busy lately with their printing business, it gave Cara the idea to surprise him since he’s always at the office so she can make arrangements without him knowing.

When I’ve learned that Cara is 3 weeks pregnant, she just blurted out to me when we were having coffee on a nearby café. She was laughing so hard that I almost dropped my coffee cup on the ground. I am so happy for the both of them. She said that it’s too early to tell if it’s a boy or girl but it doesn’t matter. What matters most is the baby is healthy. She also told me that I’m the only one besides her doctor who knows so I should keep quiet about it. I asked Cara if I can help her on making arrangements for her dinner announcement. I was so ecstatic that she said yes to my request. She specifically told me about her pregnancy because she knows that I’m good with planning parties. She had a query though, if it’s possible to have period while pregnant. I didn’t have an answer so I joked that it’s your doctor’s job, not mine. We were giggling like little children and we didn’t care. My mind had gone overdrive when we were brainstorming for the arrangements that we will do.

We planned a very intimate dinner as we made a shortlist of people that are dearly close to their family. The shortlist includes Cara’s parents and siblings, close co-workers, Derek’s parents and his best friends and me.   It’s a good thing that Cara often has intimate dinners almost every month so Derek wouldn’t suspect a thing. We would want this dinner to really stand out so we’re going to cook it from scratch. Pumpkin and onion soup with croutons and a Greek salad is going to be the appetizer. The main course would be burgers and fries that Derek is very fond of, but we would want to innovate so we planned to deconstruct the burgers and fries like a fine dining meal. We have a friend who is a chef so we’d ask her to help us. I don’t know if we can still handle to make a desert but we planned to make a chocolate and cheese soufflé, also Derek’s favourite. I know we’d direly need a chef to accomplish that because the degree of difficulty in making that is not on our level. If we ran out of time, we have a backup plan of just buying a cake preferably any kind of chocolate cake.

I’m a bit wary of time constraints but we could solve it with proper planning and maximizing our resources. Almost all of the invited people know how to cook so it’s a start. Cara already asked some of them to come over earlier so it’s nice that they’re willing to chip in some help. Cara is still trying to come up with a good spin on how to creatively tell Derek that she’s pregnant. I know she will come up with something because she’s really good with these things. Wish us luck!

I Need a Break

I haven’t been feeling well lately as travelling from country to country is really taking a toll on me. It is fun learning other cultures, eating their food, going to their most sought after vacation spots, and of course, meeting up with businessmen to set up international contacts, but at the same time, it is hard because I should always be the one to adjust like with the time difference and I always have to know beforehand their culture so I’d know how to act accordingly. I remember when I was in Japan, I didn’t know that it is bad to dump soy sauce directly to my bowl of rice as it is considered rude; they told that I should use a small bowl instead and dip food in it. I learned it the hard way as some Japanese people stared at me bad. Anyway, I’ve been feeling under the weather for almost three days and my favorite nephew Dana was so worried about me that she visited me for the weekend with his big brother Matt. She is so thoughtful that she brought me a number of gifts like a bouquet of assorted roses which I love, a Disney’s Frozen DVD and two hedgehogs as pets. They also brought me a basket of treats and three Chinese takeout.

I was so happy with the flowers and the DVD but I didn’t understand why she brought me pets. When we were eating the Chinese takeout that they brought, I asked them whose pet is that since I don’t want Dana to feel bad, but I know that it was for me. Matt laughed and told me that it was really Dana’s but she wanted to lend it to me for the meantime so I have a company here in the unit and have someone watch over me. I was relieved that she was just going to lend it to me since I really don’t have time to take care of it. I told Dana that she was very thoughtful and generous as I’m happy to have a new roommate although I asked her things about them because I don’t have any clue on how to take care of such pets.

Matt told me that they were just easy to take care of, like taking care of bunnies or hamsters. You just leave it inside the hedgehog cages and feed it every day. Dana added that it also needs fresh water and exercise that’s why her pets have a wheel inside the cage to run onto them. She reminded me that they eat insects and vegetables like carrots and lettuce. I asked her where I can get insects and she showed me that she has a box of them. I felt a little bit terrified of it because they were alive and I don’t want to hold them as I nodded. I thought to myself that I’ll just feed them vegetables instead. I’m so happy that Dana and Matt found time to visit me because I needed it. I really need to slow down working and take time to smell the flowers since I have all the time that I need and I have such a good company to spend it with.