Fashion Accessories 101

Do you ever wonder why some girls in really stylish outfits do not look as great as other girls who are just wearing tee shirts and jeans? Something seems to be missing. While some might blame it on a bad hair day or a poor combination of outfit, the most usual missing piece of the puzzle most often overlooked is the accessories, which do not just include shoes and bags, but most importantly, jewelries.

Accessories can be worn for different purposes:

  • To draw attention to your best points.
  • To make your older outfit look trendy.
  • To make you feel and look young.
  • To achieve the look that you want such as casual, elegant, chic, artistic, sophisticated and others.
  • Change the look of a particular outfit if you are attending one event after another. For instance, you can change the look of a casual dress to formal by putting on or changing your accessories.

Being able to put and combine the right accessories is one of the most basic skills that can separate you from ordinary-looking fellows. Once you have mastered this skill, you will be able to look good no matter what you wear. The best thing about accessories is that you can find a wide range of choices at any budget.

Top Jewelry Fashion Trends

Unlike clothing fashion, jewelry fashion trends come and go at a slower pace. There are designs that are considered all-time favorites, while newer designs always emerge. Some designers are able to come up with bolder designs than what people have been used to. As a result, the market for jewelries become overwhelming and sometimes, with ridiculous designs. But generally, users prefer to have versatile and wearable jewelries.


Long necklaces are now the top trend. It is also common to see necklaces that either have no pendant or are complete with a cameo or pendant. Geometric shapes are still the in-thing, but with a twist of exotic additions. Silver and gold though are still the most popular choice. One good example of this is Chanel’s Trompe-l’oeil pearls. Chanel recreated their popular pearl motif by creating a casual giant pearl necklace that looks like some sort of headphones albeit in an elegant way.

Obsession with Thinness

I’ve been thinking if I could live with just the barest amount of food I could get my hands into and still do the things I regularly do, without really affecting the quality of life while doing such. What if I get myself into the 1000 calorie diet daily or just eat low carb vegetables for a month. What would that experiment do to me eventually and can I continue with it for lengths at a time or even make it a way of life?

That thought came to me as I was with model friends the other day for a fashion shoot and they were very gorgeous girls to say the least. I was thinking if I could manage what they were doing with regards to their dieting and general eating habits and I was also wondering on what inspiration they might have to do such hard, if not impossible to fathom things.

A models life is truly never an easy one. In order to have regular jobs, she must possess that something special within her that makes her stand above the rest of the other aspiring talents. She must also maintain her looks not to mention her weight or the lack of it, as the fashion industry of today seems to be geared towards the almost deathly look.

What is this fascination for everything thin? Of almost non-existent limbs fitting into almost impossible to wear outfits and attires, which also kind of makes me wonder of whom are their target audiences for their clothes and such? I hate it when they try very hard to make emaciation sort of the “in” thing when the majority of all people of the earth are leaning or hoping to have healthy bodies and robust frames.

Sometimes the powers that be of the fashion empires hide behind the ornamental side of things and group everything that boggles the mind, or defies logic, into one heap of what is called art. Are they so tuned out of reality that they impose what they think is really good for the people while they themselves do not subscribe to what they preach? In truth, the clothes they produce are bad and unfit for the majority of us. Sadly it is them that always have a say in things probably because of the fact that money really can move mountains and have the propensity and power to make truths out of lies, and also make unwearable things wearable.

Meanwhile other models continue their downward spiral into obscurity, perpetuating the hoax that a thin body will net them the work that they hopingly want and the fame that they feel they truly deserve. They seem to place their hopes on shaky foundations and their lives at constant risk. When will these things stop? Many have died doing it and many more will unfortunately follow if this trend continues.

Fashion is a state of mind and whatever you are wearing now is good. Whether you are fat or just right, what you are is just okay as long as your health doesn’t suffer from it. You don’t have to be super thin to be beautiful, you just have to accept what is currently available because that is the real you. Don’t pretend and always be real.

What to know about Tattoos

Tattoos are made by using a machine with a needle that jabs into the skin that goes through the 7 layers of epidermis. During the actual process, the ink is injected in little pin-points basically with one ink dot per stick, a handheld device that is similar to a sewing machine. With every puncture in the skin, the needles insert tiny ink droplets. The process is done without anesthetics, causes a small amount of bleeding and tolerable to potentially significant pain. It is a practice dating back to 6000 BC in South America, which used sharp and pointy rocks and has now been innovated with our modern technology by using the aid of electricity. From the ancient people in Egypt to the natives of Papua New Guinea today, from the degenerate Nazi’s to the eccentric youths of today, they use it as an art, a form of self expression and also to identify the rank in a community as a slave or a high elder.   It can also symbolize their dreams and life long accomplishments, supported causes, rebellion and spirituality. Some people also use tattoos for cosmetic purposes such as eyebrow, lip, mole tattoos and even placing them over surgical scars to cover them up.

Tattoos don’t exactly hurt as much as they just sting. It is addictive too, as I know many people who started with one, now has over 30 tattoo pieces. It’s just done in a couple of hours or days if you have a much more detailed and intricate design. The world of tattoo used to be ruled by men, but women nowadays also joined the bandwagon. You’ll even see excellent women tattoo artists thriving in the scene. The most common places where people get their tattoos are lower backs and sides tattoos for girls; biceps, calves, shoulders and chest tattoos for men.

I am not recommending or encouraging you to have tattoos, but before you decide to get one, bear in mind that it is permanent, you can’t just wipe if off whenever you have the urge to do so. It is most essential to get a good tattoo artist because you don’t want something unaesthetically appealing on your skin. The design and text is also key as you don’t want to put something on your skin now which you will regret putting in the future, such as names of men, women, the state of mind, etc. There are innovations to take the tattoo off but I tell you that it is painful as much as it is costly. Also, be aware of the risks of allergic reactions, skin infections, bloodborne diseases and MRI complications. Some people have allergies on the dyes used on tattoos and it may manifest during or after the process. Swelling, redness, pain and pus-like drainage may come up. The equipments that are going to be used should also be well sterilized as it may transmit diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Tetanus. In some cases, tattoos swell up when having magnetic resonance imaging exams. Pigments might also interfere with the quality of the image.

Allergy Magnet

It’s already a week into summer but why in the world am I feeling this way? I am sore allover and I have the stickiest cough. I guess the allergy bugs don’t recognize the seasons very much and they seem to strike whenever and whomever they prefer. But of all the people, why should it be me all the time? Why not my noisy neighbors or the FedEx guy who keeps throwing packages around? I think they deserve it way more than me. But with the luck I’ve been having lately, it figures that I am the one who always have to suffer these things.

I don’t know of which particular thing that is making me react this way today. Ever since I was little, I seem to be allergic to everything you could imagine. I am allergic to dust, to pollen things, allergic to dander, to some foods, a couple of insects, and a myriad of things I could no longer remember. Name a thing and chances are I was allergic to it at some point or another. I’m not kidding as I was truly like that back in the days. I was kind of weak as a child and I probably got genetics to thank for that.

Typical symptoms I have during such outbreaks include several combinations of runny nose, watery eyes, productive coughing due to fluid in lungs, uncontrollable sneezing, and even breaking out with hives all over my body and bloodshot eyes that would probably make Dracula green with envy.

I also have dabbled into different ways of treating my propensity for allergies. Ranging from the generic way of popping different kinds of colored pills, to the outright bizarre use of a magnetic water wand which is said to ionize the water it is immersed in and help cure any kind of allergies. But the thing that got me a whole lot better was the use of natural antihistamine.

Natural antihistamines are food items which limits the production of histamines in the body when it comes in contact with different kinds of allergens. Typical results of excess histamine production in the body includes swelling, runny nose, constricted air passageways and sometimes rash formation. So when you suppress histamine production in the body, you stop exhibiting allergic reactions.

Types of food know to be natural antihistamines include Vitamin C, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, tomatoes, ginger, parsley, chamomile, saffron, basil and garlic among other things. I make it a point to always try and include them in my every meal and it seems to work very well. It’s been five years since I had an intense allergic episode and I have these natural antihistamines to thank for it. Now if I can only find out what it is that triggered my current allergic reaction then I could include it in the things that I am already wary about and perhaps also to find out why.

Anyways, no one can truly have all the best things in life. And on that note, I also hope that no one has the majority of all the bad things in life like I am currently feeling right now. How I hate the sniffles.

Life after the Party

I’ve got to stop partying hard like last night as it’s really beginning to get the better of me. I am here in front of my computer with scarlet eyes, disheveled clothes and a pounding headache to show for all that has happened from what seems to be just a couple of moments ago. In fact the last thing I remember about last night was me pouring my umpteenth shot of tequila while dancing a sort of a jig. A couple of close friends said they had to literally carry me home while I kept on insisting that I fly home instead.

That party was really something else and it came to fruition particularly because one of our friend designers successfully managed to show his entire summer collection on the catwalk. It drew rave reviews from the critics present at the event and it also earned him a slot on a popular fashion magazine whose name I would not divulge, as it would be much better if it came directly from him. He truly got made yesterday and what better way to celebrate such a success than to have an all-out party.

The party was truly remarkable, for lack of a better word to describe it, as liquor flowed endlessly, like streams of water flowing out a damaged faucet. Hors d’oeuvres were the only food I remembered eating as drinks were served one after the other as several persons insisted on his own toast for the man of the night. Naturally and thankfully, we obliged each one of them.

I also remember having a fight with my liver during the latter part of the night, or was it already morning I don’t really know, as the crowd was already thinning and the party was beginning to wrap itself up. That presumptuous organ talked to me through liver pain and I always insultingly replied with another gulp of authentic Mexican firewater. I guessed I won the battle that time but deep inside I know that I am losing the war. Maybe I have to perform another one of those detoxes again or my liver would definitely be mad.

Speaking of pain, what is this pain on top of foot that I am feeling right now? Looking at it shows nothing out of the ordinary save some redness in the area where the pain seems to be coming from. I really can’t flex my three middle fingers on my right feet as it hurts like hell doing so. Maybe I just slept on it and it is its way of cursing at me or something. Maybe it’s some sort of break or strain in the bones there or maybe it’s gout ugh. I must be getting really old for me to have gout so probably it’s not it, I hope.

Well I really got to be going now as my body is telling me to hit the sack again. Classic example of mind is willing but the body is weak. Maybe I’ll have time later to sort things out and count all my appendages as I probably may have missed some. Anyways, this headache is really killing me. Now if I could only wish it away then everything would be dandy.

Ride the Lightning

Such strength there is in the spirit of man that no sickness could ever hope to get him down. That is what I think of when I see my friend who has been sick for a long time. He had contracted HIV from a transfusion he got when he had an accident several years ago and although he did manage to successfully control it in the beginning, it seems that things have gone worse for him lately.

He is easily sick nowadays and seems to contract all forms of illness even if he is thoroughly careful in avoiding them. He was put into neutropenic precautions by his doctor for fear that he will contract the grave disease that would eventually be his ultimate undoing. But even if he is already under such intense supervision, his stubbornness and free spirit continue to defy his reigning in, doing all that he likes to do and just reasons that he is only enjoying whatever life he has remaining. It is typical of him being rebellious to the bitter end but it seems to be driving him closer to what he fears most.

HIV (human immunodeficiency syndrome) is a slowly progressing disease which is the cause of the more rabid illness called AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. What HIV does basically is it infects important cells in the body, particularly the helper T-cells of the immune system, rendering the body more susceptible to various kinds of diseases. Neutropenia is not far-off, as it is the condition wherein the body has an abnormally low amount of neutrophils needed to fight off disease. Neutrophils make up about 70% of the total white blood cells in our body, whose job it is to ward off infection and make the body resistant to sickness. Neutropenia is directly related, if not the natural progression of HIV infections.

Neutropenic precautions include, but are not limited to, giving the utmost care available to a person suffering from it. Basic tenets of precautions include limiting contact to other people for fear of contracting any sickness from them, as well as the strict observance of items that are included in the daily diet, particularly raw foods like fruits and vegetables as there is a high chance of occurring bacteria in uncooked food items. Furthermore, patients are strictly advised from getting anywhere near common dirt or fecal matter as they too may harbor disease causing materials. Basically, these precautions were designed to limit, if not totally eradicate, the sources of sicknesses that are prevalent in any given environment.

But all of these things seem vaguely distant, if not totally unimportant to my friend who insists on doing things his way. Maybe his latest bout with pneumonia might change the way he sees things as he looks almost repentant with the way things have gone. He promised to be more careful this time but knowing him, I highly doubt it. Maybe next thing we know he is again out there enjoying himself and throwing caution out the window. Well, it’s his life. Maybe he’s right and we just need to be happy for him that he is living his life to its fullest. Yep, you only live once, so better make the most of it.