Fashion Accessories 101

Do you ever wonder why some girls in really stylish outfits do not look as great as other girls who are just wearing tee shirts and jeans? Something seems to be missing. While some might blame it on a bad hair day or a poor combination of outfit, the most usual missing piece of the puzzle most often overlooked is the accessories, which do not just include shoes and bags, but most importantly, jewelries.

Accessories can be worn for different purposes:

  • To draw attention to your best points.
  • To make your older outfit look trendy.
  • To make you feel and look young.
  • To achieve the look that you want such as casual, elegant, chic, artistic, sophisticated and others.
  • Change the look of a particular outfit if you are attending one event after another. For instance, you can change the look of a casual dress to formal by putting on or changing your accessories.

Being able to put and combine the right accessories is one of the most basic skills that can separate you from ordinary-looking fellows. Once you have mastered this skill, you will be able to look good no matter what you wear. The best thing about accessories is that you can find a wide range of choices at any budget.

If you still don’t know how to properly accessorize, here are some basic tips that you need to know:

  • Buy accessories that best reflect your personality. Go for pieces that you are really attracted to or something that you think you might want to wear at any time.
  • Proportion is very important. If your outfit is voluminous or big, you have to scale back on your accessories. On the other hand, if your outfit is sleek, you could wear bolder or bigger accessories.
  • Balance is as important as proportion. The basic rule is basic outfits go well with bolder accessories. For instance, if you are wearing a tee shirt and jeans, they are best paired with a long necklace with sparkly pendant and a few bangles. In this case, your accessories will add a splash of interest to your plain look, thereby balancing everything.
  • Don’t over-accessorize. Too much of a good thing can be really bad, especially when it comes to accessories. Therefore, exercise restraint when deciding on what accessories to wear. For instance, if you are already wearing statement earrings and a necklace, don’t wear a cocktail ring and bangles also. Keep your accessories up to two main pieces.
  • Try to experiment on different materials. Some people believe that when you are wearing silver earrings, you should only wear a silver necklace or other accessories. But this is not entirely true. Don’t be afraid to mix metals when it comes to accessorizing. You will be surprised at the fabulous look you can come up with.
  • Add some pop of colors into your outfit by wearing accessories. If you are wearing a plain-colored outfit especially white, black or grey, pop some color by wearing colored bangles or earrings matched with a colored scarf and a handbag. However, remember to keep the colors in the same family, such as cool colors as opposed to warm colors.
  • Draw attention to your face with a large earring. If you are dressing up for a formal or casual occasion, statement earrings can always add an elegant look to your outfit.
  • Long necklaces are trendy. If you like to project a leaner and taller look, wear long necklaces.

Accessorizing can be a little bit tricky. It can either enhance or destroy your looks. But you don’t need to hire a stylist just to be good at it. You can start by observing how well-dressed celebrities wear their accessories. From there, you could slowly incorporate your personal taste.

Top Jewelry Fashion Trends

Unlike clothing fashion, jewelry fashion trends come and go at a slower pace. There are designs that are considered all-time favorites, while newer designs always emerge. Some designers are able to come up with bolder designs than what people have been used to. As a result, the market for jewelries become overwhelming and sometimes, with ridiculous designs. But generally, users prefer to have versatile and wearable jewelries.


Long necklaces are now the top trend. It is also common to see necklaces that either have no pendant or are complete with a cameo or pendant. Geometric shapes are still the in-thing, but with a twist of exotic additions. Silver and gold though are still the most popular choice. One good example of this is Chanel’s Trompe-l’oeil pearls. Chanel recreated their popular pearl motif by creating a casual giant pearl necklace that looks like some sort of headphones albeit in an elegant way.

There are also some fascinating zodiac sign pendants from Leo Silver, Pier Paolo and Maria Grazia Chiuri, among others. Some of their designs are a bit exotic and are made up of silver, gold or a combination of both. If you like an attention-grabbing necklace, you will definitely like to wear an oversized necklace like those at Balmain. You may be able to find some versatile designs that will go well with formal and casual wear.


Some people who skimp on wearing necklaces like to accessorize with bracelets. For this type of accessory, there is a wide range of designs to choose from, including tribal designs, classic designs of simple geometry and exotic designs. Although silver is still widely available, there has been an increasing demand for yellow gold bracelets. One good example of this is the work of Sarah Burton who introduced the shiny warrior battle cuffs that go well with dark leather outfits. There is also the unique combination of fur and crystal design from the works of Delfina Delettrez.


Stud earrings are still popular because of their simplicity, versatility and affordability. However, some designers have put a twist on this classic design by incorporating exotic pieces. You can never go wrong with stud earring as they can complement most types of clothing. Coral earrings that are available in a wide range of orange and scarlet red colors are also becoming increasingly popular. You will definitely look elegant with these earrings even in a simple white dress.

For general design, the traditional richly fringed earrings are still the top choices, but the ear cuffs are also catching up. Ear cuffs are earrings that wrap around the entire edge of the lobe.


Stylish rings are also catching up in the fashion trend. Gone are the days when rings used to be made of plain gold or silver decorated with studs or stones. You can now find intricately designed rings with large stones and complex designs. Cocktail rings are also becoming the trend.


The oncoming trend for watches is more on the minimalistic side to allow further accessorizing. Basic designs include the use of thick dark strap, monochromatic coloring and simple numbering like the 867 watches by Ralph Lauren which are inspired from the 60s. There are also selections of gold and silver watches with some designs that incorporate diamonds like those watches by Bedat for high-end buyers.

The current-trend jewelry fashion may no longer be the top trend several months later. But if you know how to accessorize, you will always look trendy no matter what you wear. When picking your accessory, be sure to consider what you are wearing and the type of occasion or activity you will be doing. And if you are in doubt, go for the classic designs.